Employment Law– Right to Request Flexible Working


Employment Law– Right to Request Flexible Working

Employment Law is always changing, and this year is no exception. These changes normally come into effect in April or October. This year, however, there does seem to be a variety of changes coming in outside of these times. Notably, after a short delay earlier this year, on 30th June 2014 the modifications on the Right to Request Flexible Working come in to effect.
The changes in themselves are not comprehensive, but could have substantial effects for some businesses.

Exactly what is Flexible Working?

Flexible working is where, as an example, hours of work are varied or staggered. Requests might not always be in the form of a decrease in working hours to a company, as employees could not want or have the ability to afford to decrease their pay, so it could be, for instance, flexi working, compressed hours, working from house or yearly hours; there are numerous options available.

What are the main modifications?

Flexible working will now be available to ALL employees, with certifying service.
As of the 30th June, all employees who certify can make a formal written request for flexible working. The existing statutory procedure is being gotten rid of and companies will now be needed to hear requests in an affordable manner. The previous business grounds for declining requests will remain.

Exactly what should an Employer do if they receive a request for Flexible Working?

On receipt of all formal demands, employers ought to always act fairly and regularly. Preferably following the summary steps below in an affordable way.
– Employers ought to organize to meet with the worker to discuss the formal request in more information, in line with their company’s Flexible Working Policy
– After the meeting, the company ought to take time to think about the request and conversations, which took place during the course of the conference
– The employee must then be notified of the result. This can be done in person first, and then follow-uped in writing.
– The worker has the right of appeal ought to the request be decreased
As a company, you could now get formal flexible working requests from ALL staff members with qualifying service. All applications should be treated fairly and regularly, and be taken care of in a sensible way.
As a company you will want to ensure that you have all the right paperwork in place to support your business at present and in the future. Therefore if you have issues or want to discuss your current and future contract of employment you ought to consider getting in touch with an employment solicitor. WhichSolicitor.info can suggest the best solicitor in your area.

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